A new milestone reached in the goal of simplifying WooCommerce

All the features built in the last few months are finally presented on the new website that was published yesterday. With this we finished a major milestone. There’s still some big things planned for the near future but WooCart, as it is now, already has some major benefits over a general WordPress host. In this […]

How does your perfect WooCommerce staging look like?

WooCommerce Staging

We’ve started working on one of the most important features: WooCommerce staging. The goal is to easily allow publishing staging stores to production without the loss of order and customer data. This is a major, and painful issue with regular WP sites and the reason why most regular hosts are lacking for WooCommerce. There are […]

Product Update #10

It’s been a bit over a month, and we’ve been working hard on adding new features to WooCart. What’s new? WP-CLI The WordPress command line interface is a very powerful tool. Usually used by advanced users, it can also be enormously helpful to users willing to learn a few basic commands. For example: if a […]

Product Update #9

What’s new? Addons: Transactional Emails Addons are optional services you can have on your store. The first addon is the management of Transactional Emails. You can easily enable, and toggle, between Shared (for testing purposes) and Dedicated Transactional Emails (your own SendGrid account under ours, without you needing to configure it). If you want to […]

Sprint Report #8

What’s new? Testing and optimizing for WooCommerce We’ve done extensive tests with popular page builders to analyze the performance and find space for improvements. We’ve implemented new optimizations based on the lessons learned. Polishing the User Interface We’ve added an active state for the store sidebar so that it’s clear which tab you’re looking at. […]

Product Update #7

There’s been a lot happening in the weeks since our last blog post. First Stores Transferred to WooCart We’re very excited that we’ve started transferring stores to WooCart. We’ve learned a great deal with the first few transfers, and it’s getting smoother and faster with each one. The consequence has been a lot of work […]

Product Update #6

This was an intense sprint! We’ve pushed for the last few days to get everything ready for our Early customers. Here’s what we did. Improving the speed of deployment We’ve gone from 10 minutes to less than 3 minutes for a store to be online and fully configured! Polishing the user interface We did a […]

Product Update #5

This Sprint was focused on polishing up things for the first customers (wink wink).  Polish the Store Overview We polished the Overview so that it looks great and that it includes only the features that we currently support (nobody likes too many “Coming Soon” notes). Visits and Sales Analytics The analytics on the Overview are […]

Product Update #4

We did a good amount of work in the last sprint and here’s a quick summary. Report Issue and Send Feedback links The Report Issue button now opens the Intercom Messenger. In the next iteration, it will be pre-filled with your store information to make it easier for you and our support staff. At the […]