How does your perfect WooCommerce staging look like?

WooCommerce Staging

We’ve started working on one of the most important features: WooCommerce staging. The goal is to easily allow publishing staging stores to production without the loss of order and customer data. This is a major, and painful issue with regular WP sites and the reason why most regular hosts are lacking for WooCommerce. There are […]

WordCamp Las Palmas, Our First Conference For 2019

It’s been a while since our last WordCamp so when I saw one taking place in the Canary Islands I said to myself it would be a shame to miss it. A couple of days passed and I was all set to go to WordCamp Las Palmas. Being the farthest EU territory, the Canary Islands […]

Bucharest & Manchester WordCamps’ Aftermath

Bucharest WordCamp Bucharest WordCamp was a pleasant surprise for us, from how everything was organized to the quality of the attendees and speakers. We were mostly expecting a local audience but ended up meeting many interesting people from all over the world. Bucharest WordCamp started early in the morning. Me, Nejc, Saba, and Amon had to […]

Enter our special giveaway for swag and tickets to WordCamps in Manchester and Bucharest

As mentioned in the previous blog post, we’ll be giving away three tickets to WordCamp Manchester and three tickets to WordCamp Bucharest. Besides the free ticket, we’ll also prepare awesome WooCart swag for you to take home. In exchange, we’d like to know of good conferences you’ve visited and WooCart should sponsor or attend and […]

Help us with 1-click localization for your country – fill out a short form

Update 29/8: What a fantastic response, thank you, everyone! We’ve received over 40 submissions in less than 24 hours. You can see the localization files in the WooCart public repository. There are still more countries to localize and we’re looking forward to even more of your submissions! A few weeks back when we mentioned in […]